About Us

Web Production House was first established in 1997 to help give small businesses and organizations an online presence. The websites were coded from scratch in HTML and JavaScript using a simple editor such as Notepad. CGI (perl) scripts were added to give the sites functionality  but they required some technical knowledge in order to be implemented.

Today, a wide variety of website tools, templates and themes exist that don't require a user to have any special design knowledge or technical expertise. Businesses can now build their own websites with very little technical support. Many businesses, however, still don't know where to begin.

The goal of Web Production House is to assist small businesses and organizations in getting started building their website. Once the website is built, the business can add content or additional functionality using a site administration tool. Or they can enlist the services of Web Production House to provide ongoing support and maintenance to the site.

Either way, it's an easy and cost-effective way for businesses and organizations to begin building their online brand.